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What specific keywords generate traffic on a blog?

Buddy, You need to know the mechanism of keywords and how to choose the right keywords for your blog. While answering your query, I am assuming that you are a new bee in Digital marketing and started your blog. and your blog is based on WordPress.

Please consider these points for the blog and keywords:

  1. You need to decide in which niche you want to do Blogging. Once you decided the Niche
  2. Do some research on topics, At which topic you want to write the blog ?
  3. After deciding topics, do some Keyword Research. for keyword research, you can use these free tools available in the market like:
    1. Ubersuggest
    2. SEMrush -only free trial available
    3. Google Keyword Planner
    4. Alexa keyword tools – free trial only
    5. Keyword Everywhere- now paid

Note:- the best way to get keywords is to spy your competitors.

Try 5 keywords initially in such composition: 1 keyword is your brand name or website name, 2 low competition keywords and 2 high competition keywords.

Avoid keywords stuffing in your content. write blogs user-friendly with SEO friendly techniques. Focus on adding the right information to your visitors. The blog will rank easily.

Work at ON-page SEO, Page speed or loading time of your blog. Your page must be mobile-friendly.