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 Lead Generation In Ghaziabad|What is PPC and why is it necessary in online business

Friends like – now all businesses are promoting their product or service through online because now is the time of internet, people related to your business are now spending their maximum time on GoogleFacebook, and youtube.

So it is very important for a business person whether it is just started or is a company established, it is very important for everyone to know where your customer is and after that how to promote your product at that place is also very important. That is when you are able to grow your business over time.

What Is A PPC And Why Is Important In All Business ||Lead Generation In Ghaziabad

This is an online paid advertising model where the advertiser, who wants to promote his business online, has to pay some money when a user clicks on the ads related to their product or service on the Internet.

Example: I have an online store, I mean a website where I sell clothes, now I need people to come to my website so that they can see and order photos and detail of my clothes.

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What Is A Important, And Why Is Important

But for that first I have to promote my website online, now the best way to promote it is to do SEO of my website’s pages and it will show in Google’s search result and then people will come to my website but its The draw-back is that in today’s time, competition is very high, it is not so easy to come on top of Google. However doing SEO is also very important. And the other way is online Paid Marketing or PPC, in which I have to pay some money, Google or any platform on which I want to run my ads but the benefit will be that I will start getting Customer Quick. Mainly Ads All the company runs on Google only because more than 90% of the people who come on the Internet use Google.

Now you must have known what PPC is, but in what way PPC Ad is run on the Internet – let’s now know about it.

Types Of PPC Ads |Lead Generation

Although there are many types of paid advertising online, but there are some ways that have become very popular now we talk about them today –

1 – Search Ads

The first type which is very famous is paid search ads. Now because more than 90% of the audience on google comes, then we talk about paid search ads run on google.

Actually Google has created a platform to make its paid advertising ads Google Ads where you can create an account like this by creating search ads and at the same time you also have to decide what amount you pay on the user’s per click. Will do

2- Display Ads

What happens in Display Ads is that those who are businessmen show the ads related to their product or service on those blogs or websites which are google adsense approved.

Because Hindustan Times is a news publisher site which attracts millions of people every day and along with this, Hindustan Times must also have created an account in Google Adsense in Google which is another Plateform of Google but people here who create accounts want to earn money from google.

Look, google does not have a website of its own where it can show the ads of business people to the people, so what has it done, all those who are bloggers or news sites who have income from ads have created google adsense for them. It has happened that they register there.

And then google places the ads on their site which the business people have made on google ads by paying money and in this also there is a rule that if any of the users who visit those blogs or news site, on that ad If clicked, the business person whose ad will be will have to give a fixed amount from his account.

3- Shopping Ads

Shopping Ads is also a type of PPC advertising, in which you see photos and price decryption of the product and service in Google’s search results, as you will be able to see in the image above.

4 – Videos Ads

Video ad is also a type of PPC which you will often see on youtube whether ad plays in the starting of the video or ad comes on the right side, they are all examples of PPC Ad.

5 – Social Ads

These paid ads are also run on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and linkedin, and the same is the way if a user clicks on these ads, comes to your website or likes your page, then you will get something You have to pay the amount.

6 – Mobile App Ads

And there is another type of PPC which is quite famous Mobile App Ads When you are using an app on your mobile, such as a music or game app, some ads will be running that are also PPC ads.

So friends, till now you have got information about what PPC is and how it happens, but why it is important to run PPC ad to promote any business online, while SEO is also a way to bring online customers to your website. Let’s get rid of this confusion.

Why PPC Ads Is Important|Lead Generation In Ghaziabad

There is no doubt that we optimize our website according to the search engine of google, that means SEO of your website, then our pages will show on the top of Google’s search results, then people will definitely come to our website and on Facebook, Instagram Also if we share the post of our product, then people will definitely come to our website.

But there is a lot of effort in these methods, but due to the high competition, it is not so easy to bring your pages to the top of Google or to bring visitors from social media in an organic way, because now these social media platforms themselves You repeatedly say that you do not run paid ads, otherwise we will not give you access and if you assume that you sell some products online.

Like – clothes, electronic goods, etc. and at the time of the festival, you will need a lot of visitors, then you need online paid advertising the most because after running PPC ads, you start getting visitors to your website soon and the other which PPC When you create ads, you get a lot of great options like – location, keywords, all these you can choose there.

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