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How to SEO Work In Google

Friends, have you ever wondered why some websites (eg Quora, Wikipedia) always appear at the top when searching Google; Whereas we have to scroll down to see the rest of the websites?

Actually, search engines like Google and YouTube are very complex. They like to investigate any information in depth before showing it to their users. They want the people who use them to get the information they are trying to find as quickly and as well as possible.

Seo Services In Ghaziabad

But is it easy to find the best result out of crores of blogs and websites as it seems?

off course not!

According to Google, he examines a lot of websites with a test of about 200 factors to answer any question, and the websites that are able to meet these criteria are as good as Google’s search. It shows people at the top or the same good position because those websites are the best for people.

As a Blogger, Webmaster or SEO Expert, we all want that whenever people search for something that is related to our website (or about which we write on our blog) then our website He is the first person to be seen at the top of Google; So that more and more people can click on it and our website can become popular.

SEO Services In Ghaziabad

Now because there are more than 1 billion websites worldwide, the task of leaving everyone behind and bringing your website to the forefront is not easy at all. Due to the very HARD COMPETITION, we have to work very hard to come out on top.

To top Google, we have to tell him that our website is good and people searching in it will definitely get answers to their questions.

But now the question arises how to tell Google all this? We cannot call, nor is it our relative who will directly up our website by recommending it.

Seo Services In Ghaziabad

Actually, we have to tell Google in small gestures that our website gives the best answer to people’s questions. There are a number of small techniques to get these gestures to Google that are called “search engine optimization (SEO)” when used together.

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